Dance in the Winter’s Youth Day Parade! 

Join us at The Life Center 201 Main St. Winters, CA 95694

Winters Youth Day Parade


MiM dancers will be rocking the Winters Youth Day Parade Saturday April, 27th! This year’s theme is Super Youth and we will be showing off our Dance Power!  Join us in the charming community of Winters, CA to strut our stuff and defend our 2nd place title!! Dancers will arrive at 9:15am  for a 10am parade and are invited to join in all the exciting Youth Day festivities to follow! 

Baby and Me


Ages toddler to 3yrs

This class is designed for toddlers and their parent or caregiver to explore dance through play. We begin each session with activity stations that are designed to develop body awareness, hand-eye coordination, and to socialize with friends in our small group. In this class, we will also focus on instructor-led exercises that establish primary dance fundamentals building strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality.

Dress Code

Parent/caregiver; where comfortable and flexible exercise clothing that you can easily move in with your child.

Footwear;  athletic shoes or bare feet are fine.

Toddlers: Clothing that allows the ability to move about freely. Dance wear is not required but is encouraged. 

Footwear: Bare feet or ballet shoes are fine.

Creative Movement



Ages 3-4 Join us for a fun introduction to the joy of dance. This class combines basic movement fundamentals with music theory and games that enhance cognitive development. Your dancer will build confidence and coordination as they explore  their self expression through movement!

Dress Code

Boys & Girls:  Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement*. No logos. Barefoot or ballet shoes.

*Skirts should not inhibit movements such as crawling or crab walk and have shorts underneath.


Ballet Tap Tumble


Ages 4-7 Rooted in classical technique, Minds in Motion takes our basic intro class and kicks it up a notch! Dedicated to creating well-rounded dancers we incorporate rhythms and movements from many cultures. Allowing students to incorporate their own creative spirit this class provides the perfect foundation for a lifetime love of dance!

Dress Code

Boys:  Black pants and a plain color shirt. No logos.

Girls: Leotard* and tights or black leggings plain shirt. No logos.

Boys & Girls: Ballet and tap shoes. 

*Skirts should not inhibit movements such as crawling or crab walk.




Ages 6 + Ballet is a classic form of movement that has captured hearts and minds for generations. This class provides the perfect blend of discipline, rigor, and expression allowing your young dancer to thrive whether they strive to be a ballerina or a biologist!

Dress Code

Boys: Black pants or tights, white shirt, black or  white ballet shoes.

Girls: Black leotard (no skirt) pink tights, pink ballet shoes.


Contemporary/  Hip-Hop


Ages 8+The ultimate poetry in motion- this class takes personal expression to the next level. Based in classical technique as well as drawing from current artists and styles, this class gives you the tools to tell your own story!

Dress Code

Boys & Girls: Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement. No logos. Sneakers (hip-hop) barefoot or socks (contemporary).


Hip-Hop/ Creative Movement

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 6.14.21 PM.png

Ages 4-7 Come and show off your  moves! This class will incorporate rhythms and movement from old schoolto the most current beats and style.  Always changing and evolving, Hip-Hop Dance provides students with an outlet for creativity, innovation, and self expression. Best of all, this high energy class will be jam packed with fun for boys and girls!   

Dress Code

Boys & Girls: Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement. No logos. Sneakers




Annual Registration fee $15 (per child) 

Session Two:


January 8th- April 30th

One Class: $160 or $45 per month

Two Classes: $300 or $80 per month 

Sibling Discount: $145 per student or $40 per month per student


Due by first class of the month


Payment Options

VENMO: This is a convenient payment option with no service fee.  Find us @mimdance.  Please put your child’s name and class in comments. Note that with this option you are responsible for paying the correct amount.

Credit Card: NOTE:  a $3 service fee is added to CC orders. Please put your child’s name and class in comments. Payments can be made in person the first week of the month, please come early to allow time for processing.

Check: Look for the MiM payment box at the life Center the first week of the month. There is a $20 fee for returned checks